What to expect

Unsure of what to expect when you become a puppy carer? The following information will hopefully answer most of your questions.

What we provide for puppy caring

Puppy Carers wil receive the following items to help them on their Puppy Caring journey:

  • A puppy pack, which includes collar, lead, bed, bowl, food and everything needed for when your puppy arrives home
  • You will receive free dry dog food for your puppy thanks to ROYAL CANIN®, providing the best possible health nutrition
  • Paid vet care at SED approved clinic
  • Training Manual prior to placement of puppy outlining training methods and what they need to learn
  • Regular visits from a supervisor to assist in all aspects of puppy training and development
  • Supervisor on call should you require assistance
  • Boarding facilities at SED should they be needed, eg if you are going on holidays

Frequently asked questions on puppy caring

Can I have other pets and still puppy care?

Provided the other pets are of a suitable temperament, they are permitted and can be beneficial to a SED puppy by assisting with their socialisation.

However, only one other pet dog in addition to the SED puppy is allowed per household. Pet dogs need to be assessed prior to placement of a puppy.

Can I take the puppy into shops and other public areas?

So that a fully trained Seeing Eye Dog is comfortable travelling on public transport, entering shops and walking in crowded/noisy areas etc, it needs to experience these situations as a puppy.

Whilst out in public SED puppies wear a blue coat which identifies them as a Seeing Eye Dog in training. They do not have the same rights as a fully trained Seeing Eye Dog however most places welcome their presence and carers rarely experience problems taking SED puppies into shops etc.

A group of carers with their seeing eye dogs

Can I be a puppy carer and work?

As long as it's OK with your employer that you take a puppy to work with you and there is enough time to attend to its needs during the day. We have puppies whose carers work at schools, offices, pet shops or work from home. It really depends on the type of work you do whether or not a pup will fit.

You don’t have to do much with them during the day except provide regular toilet breaks and ensure they don’t get up to mischief. They will generally sleep a lot.

Can I play games with a SED puppy and take it running in the park?

Games can form part of your puppy's training however we don’t want them chasing toys excessively or learning things that may be in conflict with their future role as a Seeing Eye Dog.

Excessive running is not advised as this can cause joint problems as the puppy grows. A supervisor can advise what is appropriate when they visit you for an interview.

In some ways SED pups are less restrictive than normal pets as they can go with you almost anywhere and teaching a puppy to be well behaved and obedient should be a fun game for both puppy and carer.

How do I apply to become a puppy carer?

If you are interested in becoming a puppy carer and believe that you meet the criteria, please apply and find out more about the application process