Released dogs adoption

Standards for becoming a successful Seeing Eye Dog are very high, due to their essential role in guiding people with low vision and blindness, therefore sadly not all of our dogs will graduate.

That’s where our adoption program steps in. Our highly experienced adoptions team are dedicated to finding the right homes for our lovely dogs.

A career change can occur at any point in the dog's training program. They may be younger dogs from the Puppy Development Program, dogs in formal training or graduated dogs that are retiring from service.

The money generated from the adoption fee though goes straight back into our program and the development of future Seeing Eye Dogs. So not only are you adopting a dog but you are still supporting our organisation.

Due to the significant financial investment required to produce and train these dogs we do require full payment at the time of the adoption and are not able to offer payment plans.

Our Released Dog adoption fee includes a dog that is desexed, fully vaccinated and up-to-date with flea and worming protection.
The rehoming also includes a bag of the dog’s current premium quality food and a high level of post-adoption support.



Have you thought about Puppy Caring?

You can care for a pup from 8 weeks up to 15 months of age, either full-time or a minimum of 6 months if a shorter time is more suitable for you. Apply now.